Breast disease in women - prevention and treatment

The breast is considered nowadays the "traditional" disease of the mammary glands and is known medicine for over a century. Despite the progress and development of science, mastitis remains one of the most common female ailments. The number of women applying to medical institutions with breast, is growing steadily - this disease sign 60-90 % of women in reproductive age.

The first description of this disease was given far in 1848, but the cause of this pathology is not clear to the present day. According to the handbooks, the breast is a benign entity, which may at any time change its "polarity" and become malignant. Breast recognized dishormonal disease and is characterized by onset in breast tissue fibro-cystic formations. Special attention of physicians to the problem of mastitis caused by the fact that, not being in most cases of precancerous disease, this disease greatly increases the risk.

Among the ladies of reproductive age breast often is diffuse in nature and begins with a syndrome of painful breast - mastalgia. Cause dysplasia, i.e. pathological degeneration of the tissues of the mammary glands may become chronic inflammatory processes in the genital organs. Often this process is accompanied by functional failure of the nervous system.

In most cases, to treat the symptoms of mastitis enough to conduct a comprehensive treatment of the genital organs, stabilize the nervous system women, to carry out restorative treatment. There is a version that breast and pregnancy lead to resorption of the lump. Also an excellent prevention of mastitis is the birth of a child with breastfeeding in the first year.

In the case of treatment of mastitis medicine, women assigned to hormone therapy, taking potassium iodide, vitamin supplements; in some cases as an accompanying treatment for the appointment of homeopathic remedies. Selection of hormonal drugs for the treatment of mastitis individual and is prescribed depending on the patient's age and the state of its hormonal.

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A significant impact on the rehabilitation process provides the woman's diet. It is proved that the consumption of fat and meat products increases the level of estrogen in the blood and promotes the growth of free radicals in the body. This factor gives the basis to appoint women suffering from breast diet that excludes the use of fatty foods, switching to fruits, vegetables, cereals. Preference is given to citrus crops and foods rich in carotene.

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