Breast cancer: who is at risk

High beautiful Breasts are the envy of women and the admiration of men. However, few people take into account the fact that take care of their health and protect themselves from breast cancer should be constant. Unfortunately, frightening diagnosis of an increasing number of women, and in rare cases, men. How to protect yourself from such diseases as breast cancer?

Among the factors that increase the risk of developing breast cancer, can be identified such as:

To neglect their own health should not be, and therefore should be approximately 20 years regularly conduct self-diagnosis. The best option - every month on the second or third day after menstruation.

You must stand in front of the mirror, stripped to the waist, and begin a thorough breast exam. It is important to pay attention to any signs of asymmetry, color change, more distinct manifestation of venous pattern. Then you need to inspect lying (it is recommended to put a pillow under his shoulders and stood, bringing his hands behind his head.

The Breasts should be examined and fingertips. This examination begins with the armpit, continues towards the nipple and ends with the feeling inside of the breast. If any changes should immediately consult a specialist.

Do not forget about the diagnosis. Physician-specialist, it is important to visit at least once in a year or two. At the age of 40 years, and during pregnancy and lactation, women should undergo buttonby screening at least once a year. This should be done even if no complaints there.

Those who are older than 40 years should have an annual mammography screening. The absence of complaints is not a reason to ignore this important recommendation. Remember: in health care is important to all, including timely access to doctors.

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