Breast cancer does not threaten women who daily consume coffee

For 20 years, Swedish researchers conducted a study that led to stunning results. It turns out that breast cancer can be prevented by drinking a day for 5 cups of coffee. The scientific results were published in reputable International Journal of Cancer.

The essence of the experience was limited to fixing women consumed caffeine contained in various products (tea, coffee, chocolate and others). As it turned out, the study participants who drink 5 or more cups of coffee daily, the risk of developing breast cancer was reduced by almost 5 times compared with other women who complained to their attention this tonic.

The mechanism of action of caffeine on cells of the human body is not yet fully understood. But according to preliminary data, its strength lies in the antioxidant beginning. It is the antioxidants in coffee that can protect cell membranes from damage and to prevent cancer.

It used to be that coffee reduces the risk of exacerbation of breast cancer by slowing the spread of harmful cells and their subsequent collapse.

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