Breast cancer can cause a decorative cosmetics and deodorants

Chemical compound paraben, which is added in the cosmetic, pharmaceutical and food products as a preservative, was detected in tissue samples from 40 women suffering from breast cancer, reported The Daily Mail. According to specialists, this discovery is very disturbing.

Scientists from 1998 indicate that parabens are potentially dangerous for human health. It is believed that this chemical compound has estrogenic properties that provokes the development of breast cancer. However, this is not a problem for manufacturers, and they continue to add parabens in deodorants, cosmetics, moisturizers, self-tanning, shaving foam and even in toothpaste. Also parabens in a number added to sausages, pastries and savory snacks.

A team of researchers led by Dr. Philip Darbar (University of reading) were studied tissue samples taken from 40 women who underwent surgery for mastectomy in the period 2005-2008.

In total we collected 160 samples. Of them in 99 percent of scientists found at least 1 paraben. While 60 percent was found 5 parabens. In spite of the obtained results, experts believe that still to talk about the direct relationship between cancer and parabens too early.

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