Breast cancer can be stopped

A team of scientists led by an Indian researcher Shankar of Balasubramanian have made a breakthrough in cancer treatment, identifying a molecule that can block the growth and spread of breast cancer.

Natural molecules thiostrepton function as clamps, which are not allowed to work squirrel cancer FOXM1. Scientists say that the main problem in the treatment of cancer spreading in the body, the development of a drug based on open their molecules will be able to stop the spread of cancer. According to a study of breast cancer cells is associated with increased FOXM1, which influences the growth and division of cells tumors.

The drug, based on the open molecule will be an effective way of dissemination of malignant tumor in the body of the patient. However, the properties of the molecule will not provide treatment for cancer, after its localization will require another fight with cancer.

Over the past 30 years, the survival rate among patients with breast cancer has increased significantly, medications that would help in most cases, has not yet been developed. Discovery scientists will reveal the path to the study of other blocking cancer molecules.

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