Breast augmentation is fraught with high risk of cancer

Canadian scientists warn women agreed to perform the surgery for breast augmentation, which in this case they will increase by 38 percent the risk of death from breast cancer compared with women who are also suffering from the said disease, reports The Telegraph.

So sad statistics are generated due to the fact that the tumor is breast cancer are diagnosed at a late stage, as in mammography, the implant is often closes it. To this opinion of the staff of the University of Quebec. According to their data, breast enlargement 26 percent makes the diagnosis of breast cancer more difficult, which leads to her lateness.

In addition greatly complicates the diagnosis, the shadow of the implant, as well as scars. Behind them is also very difficult to detect malignancy. Meanwhile, independent experts are quite skeptical about it, citing its opinion the need for additional research to identify how much is a long-term effect of the presence of implants.

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