Breakthrough of the year 2011 - method in combating the spread of HIV

HIV transmission can be almost prevented by the use of antiretroviral drugs, is a medical opening called the most important breakthrough of 2011 by the magazine "Science".

The journal has published the results of research experience 1763, in which one partner was HIV-positive, and the second is not. Half of the infected people were receiving antiretroviral drugs, and among them, the transmission of the virus decreased by 96 percent compared with the control group.

Scientists had previously lost their legs in search of adequate HIV prevention, most of their attention was focused on preventing transmission of the virus from mother to child. To stop the spread of the disease tried using condoms, promote responsible behavior, but the success was not significant. The opening of the efficacy of antiretroviral drugs cannot be called a vaccine for the disease, but it can cause the disease to become extremely rare disease.

The main problem in preventing the spread of the disease in the uninformed patients. Out of 100 HIV - infected only 79 know about your disease, and intensive treatment receive only 26.

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