Breakthrough of Russian scientists in the treatment of atherosclerosis

A few months ago went on sale new domestic laser Unarmed Maxi-Cardio", which allows to treat atherosclerosis in the home. The device was launched on unique technologies Kaluga design Bureau "Binomial".

It's hard to believe, but the device is able to purify the blood vessels from atherosclerotic plaques in several courses depending on the stage of the disease. He is not yet in stores, but already began to appear the first lucky owners of the device. Because atherosclerosis is the biggest problem that separates us from longevity.

Tests have shown that the treatment of this laser is safe and gives a long lasting effect with regular use. To be treated "Unarmed Maxi-Cardio" preferably after 40 years, but the effect is achieved at a later age, when drugs have no such help. Take a wise decision, be the first who will appreciate it!

Laser therapeutic apparatus "Unarmed Maxi Cardio".

Currently, the only device providing a truly effective anti-atherosclerotic action.

"Maxi Cardio" can help in the treatment and prevention of systemic atherosclerosis and its particular forms, such as:

Using therapeutic laser "Maxi Cardio" you not only will significantly increase the life expectancy, but will be able to live a life full of the healthy person.

In the laser apparatus "Maxi Cardio" wavelengths and mode of their generation are selected in such a way that optimally happened activation of enzyme systems of blood, aimed to reverse the development of atherosclerotic plaques.

The positive effect will be achieved if you follow the steps outlined in the method of treatment, where have all the detailed information on the use of laser apparatus.

Without a doubt, this is a vital purchase will be a turning point in the health of your body.

"Maxi Cardio" designed specifically for use in the home. He is always ready to use, simple and easy to use and if you follow the instructions, it is almost 100% safe. The device has no side effects and this is the only method of treatment of atherosclerosis (as opposed to medical and surgical) calling back the development of atherosclerotic plaques.

The method of treatment was long-term studies and is the first and still the only one in the world. The unit passed the state tests and has all necessary permits and licenses.

The cost of laser therapeutic apparatus "Unarmed Maxi Cardio" is 17 400 rubles, which is considerably lower than the cost of medical and surgical treatment.

In addition, do not forget that the medication is only a "supporting" character, i.e. does not reduce plaque, but only reduces the risk of blood clots and further growth of plaque. In addition, drugs have some side effects cause serious harm to the body. Surgical treatments have a short effect (3-5 years) and quite dangerous due to their nature.

We hope that the widespread use of laser therapy apparatus "Usermod-Maxicard would bring domestic medicine to a new level in the fight against this dangerous disease like atherosclerosis.

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