Breaks in the diet is useful for losing weight people

Losing weight people once a week can afford a chocolate cake and lots of other Goodies. The main thing is that the day of relief has been planned in advance with reservation to limit calories. These days, scientists believe, will raise motivation and improve your mood. As a result people will be able to last longer to stick with their diet, writes The Daily Mail.

"Day of debauchery" must be clearly on the scheduled date, not more than once a week. It is important not to exceed the level of 2700 calories, talk to experts from the University of Tilburg and the Catholic University of Portugal.

In the experiment, the scientists recruited a group of slimming volunteers. Some were consumed every day is 1500 calories, the other 1300 calories a day and 2700 calories a designated "day of debauchery".

The results of the diet was approximately the same. However, if you have days when you can almost all, the motivation for further weight loss was maintained in a greater percentage of cases, which allowed to consolidate the effect of the diet.

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