Breakfast reduces the risk of developing diabetes in children

A group of researchers from the universities of Oxford, Cambridge, Glasgow and the University of London St. George established: regular absence of a full Breakfast in children increases the risk of developing diabetes of the second type. Usually diabetes makes itself known to cause weight gain and malnutrition.

Scientists conducted an analysis of the health and nutritional mode 4 thousand students aged 9 to 10 years. It examined what the children had Breakfast and than ate throughout the day, writes The Daily Mail.

In medicine, there are factors such as insulin resistance. This parameter determines the response of tissues to insulin, the substance, converting carbohydrates into the blood to clean energy.

Scientists have found that insulin resistance (the resistance of the tissues to insulin) is increasing in children who do not regularly eat Breakfast. Diabetes is not only a metabolic disorder, but the cause of serious diseases. Primarily damaged nervous and renal tissue: suffer the retina and kidneys. Then there are the disorders of other organs and systems.

Scientists suggest that regular Breakfast can reduce the number of diabetes cases. People who reject the first meal, often prefer fatty foods for lunch and dinner. Simple porridge for Breakfast reduces the risk of diabetes, it contains a lot of fiber, which, among other things, activates digestion in the intestine.

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