Breakfast plays a special role in the development of the child

Scientists always talk about the benefits of a hearty Breakfast in the morning. Now they found that the Breakfast also affect the mental development of children. It turned out that the children every morning, eat Breakfast, have a higher IQ compared to those children who do not like to eat.

Their findings by scientists from the University of Pennsylvania came, based on the results of observations 1000 six-year-old children living in China. They were able to establish that children who did not have the habit to eat in the morning, studied worse and remembered with difficulty. They had worse developed it, and the IQ level was 4.6 points lower than children who loved to have a hearty Breakfast in the morning.

Scientists once again, that the first meal for a child is the most important. It depends on him how to feel the baby throughout the day - in particular, and his health in General.

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