Breakfast is the most important in the diet

You do not give rest heartburn, obesity or distraction? These disorders can be caused by a refusal Breakfast is the main meal of the day.

In our time there has been a growing trend, especially among residents of large cities, excluding Breakfast or replace the morning Cup of coffee. While people often hope, refusing Breakfast, they will lose weight or maintain physical fitness. According to agro Perspective, scientists do not support this point of view.

Experts believe that overweight people acquire, it is refusing Breakfast. Explanation of "dislike" for the morning meal are busy working schedule, the habit of late to eat or desire to keep in shape. But the result of health problems. According to nutritionists, Breakfast is the main meal of the day. He is also known as "brain food". Due to its value, according to the recommendations of specialists, Breakfast requires a very serious relationship. It should be foods with calcium, proteins, natural antioxidants and vitamins. It is therefore necessary presence on the buffet of cereals, milk and fruits.

Thanks nutritious balanced Breakfast is provided by the effective working of metabolism. With the exception of the daily ration of food for the brain" deteriorating metabolism, therefore, formed the extra weight. In addition, because of the hunger of the people overeat at lunch. Therefore, you should stick with the old rule - "eat Breakfast yourself, share dinner with a friend, dinner, and give the enemy".

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