Breakfast is essential for children to absorb information in school

Scientists in Australia have found: children who renounces his morning meal, lose two hours per day. The lack of Breakfast at the child for a whole year can greatly affect its performance and ability to memorize information, writes The Daily Mail.

In total the study involved 532 teachers. 70% of them noted, some come to school hungry. On average, three children in class have nothing to eat for Breakfast. Often Breakfast is ignored in public schools.

Hungry students often had estimates below average, was late more often. The lack of Breakfast, according to teachers, prevented children to realize themselves in the lessons and memorize the necessary amount of information.

Teachers due to reduced health some students were forced to spend on the explanation of the subject more time, which reduced the overall quality of education. Doctors urge parents to pay attention, that the child is in the morning when you need to adjust the diet. As a Breakfast suitable milk porridge with fruit, cereals, and foods rich in slow-digesting carbohydrates. Chocolate and sweet pastries is better to postpone for lunch or tea.

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