Bread does not harm the figure

Spanish scientists at the University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria came to the conclusion that the figure is ruining not the love of bread.

In recent decades louder sounded the voice of nutritionists that the bread is very detrimental effect on the weight and body shape. However, it is not vain to say about this product to everyone suffering from obesity, it does not affect weight.

The bread on the contrary can help people to lose weight, it gives a feeling of satiety, thus easily processed by the body. The starch helps to curb the appetite, and thus re-bite, which leads to weight gain. Additionally, it helps to control blood sugar levels and significantly speeds up the process of metabolism.

For losing weight it is necessary to abandon sweet rolls, because they figure does harm to itself sugar that is the culprit fat folds.

Spanish scientists insist that the daily diet should contain bread, with the taste preferences of the figure is also not affected - it can be white, black, bread with bran.

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