Brands from developed concept to produce the placebo effect

Well-known sports brand, actively promote their products and portray them in a way that achieve results that actually work. It's all in the powerful concept that applies to beginners and gives them a placebo effect, says The Daily Mail.

Scientists conducted a simple experiment. The first group of volunteers gave out Golf clubs with the words "Nike", the second – the same putter, only without the brand. In fact, the clubs are exactly the same. So only the results of beginners in Golf have achieved completely different. Brand gave 20%, conclude the researchers.

In the second experiment, volunteers were handing out earplugs as normal or the same, but with membership to the brand and the inscription "improved earplugs". Subjects were first asked to solve tasks in a noisy environment. The study showed that "improved ear plugs" helped to cope with the noise much better. However, this effect was detected only at initially insecure people, on the professionals a quality accessory no influence not provided.

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