Brain cancer: the culprit cholesterol

For the development and growth of brain tumors requires a large amount of cholesterol. Lowering your cholesterol, or disrupting the metabolism in the cells of novoobrazovaniya blocking lipid uptake by these cells can be successfully countered with aggressive tumor is a glioblastoma.

Dr. Paul S. Michel, the Jonsson Cancer Center at the University of California reported that his group of researchers have found a mechanism that allows to influence gene cancer cells in such a way that it blocks the ability to absorb lipids circulating in the bloodstream. The process of change in the metabolism of carcinogenic cells do not have a high toxicity, which is important for saving the life of healthy cells.

The most common form of glioblastoma - multiforme tumor, the average life expectancy of the patient is 15 months after diagnosis. With this form it is difficult to fight radical (surgical techniques), as it quickly grows into the surrounding brain tissue. This tumor responds poorly to chemotherapy and radiation therapy because of the fast developing resistance. Co-author of the publication, Dr. Arnab Chakravarthy, said that we urgently need effective ways to treat this form of cancer, and the successful development of a new drug will allow you to consider a different approach in treatment and other aggressive tumors.

The American study, published in the journal Cancer Discovery gives hope for the development of new approaches for the prevention and treatment of aggressive tumors.

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