Braces for children - how to choose?

Beautiful baby smile looks beautiful and gives its owner the confidence in his entire future life. Most people start to put yourself braces to correct bite after thirty years. But this is not correct. The most effective way to bite is to install braces as a child. Braces for children need to choose very carefully, but first things first.

What does the word bite?

Bite this interdigitation of the upper and lower jaw. If the teeth of your baby close up exactly, so he's got the right bite. If the teeth are "go" for each other means should be worried about the alignment of the bite.

Improper bites can occur due to improper growth of teeth; due to the fact that the teeth of the child may move when removing the adjacent teeth; or due to abnormal development of the upper or lower jaw of the baby.

The simplest method of correcting malocclusion is to prevent its violation. Therefore, milk teeth can install a special crown or denture, which will not give to children's teeth to shift. But very often, dentists are faced with the fact that the child has violated a bite. In such cases, there is only one method of alignment is to install the braces.

How braces work?

Braces remembers the shape of your teeth. Before setting the braces have a certain configuration. When they have already been installed incorrectly grown teeth, braces want to buy the same form and thus they slip and teeth.

Type of braces:

1. External braces. They are installed outside on the surface of the teeth;

2. Internal braces. Mounted on the inner surface of the teeth. They are called lingual braces.

In addition, the braces are made of ceramic or sapphire and made of precious metals.

To install the brackets are recommended at the age of nine or ten years. The best age for installation of braces is considered the age of thirteen. It was at this time begin to actively grow permanent teeth, so the alignment will be the most effective.

Wearing braces is recommended for two years. But the duration of this procedure depends on how malocclusion in children. After braces off on the teeth need to install the retainers, then there is a special wire that will not allow re-formed an incorrect bite.

While wearing braces, you should not eat too hard and sticky food. More time brushing together with baby teeth. And will take about two weeks to get used to the braces.

How to choose braces for your child?

Very good metal and ceramic brackets. If you are worried about the braces and even graced the smile of your child, it is recommended to choose inside the braces.

Very good showing braces such brands as "Incognito", "Damon", "Smart clip" and "Innovation". "Damon" and "Smart clip" specialize in the manufacture of external braces.

Mark "Innovation" produces internal braces for the manufacture of which is used alloys of gold. This company first makes an impression of your child's teeth. After that in Germany according to their impression will be modeled and created the braces, which then will set your dentist. Dentists who work with the brand of "Innovation" in mandatory study the installation of braces and get certificates.

Do not skimp on the lovely smile of their children. Let them be the happiest and most beautiful children in the world!

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