Bracelet will help to predict the date of death

British scientists, Lancaster University, developed a device that can determine the approximate number of years before his death. Such information is possible on the data based on the status of endothelial cells, which covered all the vessels of man. These cells - something like "the skin of the vessel, they protect the vessel from many harmful factors, and their loss leads to the destruction of the vessel, and as a consequence - to the death of tissues. It is for them is determined by the intensity of the aging body.

This "test of death" will allow scientists to predict the approximate time of natural death. The test gives the result from zero to one hundred, where 0 is death and 100 absolute health.

The device looks like a normal bracelet and will help scientists in the fight against diseases such as blood cancer and dementia.

Scientists say that constantly collecting data for the study of endothelial cells in a growing number of people, they will be able to more accurately predict the date of death of only one variable.

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