Boys reach sexual maturity earlier

Researchers demographers from the max Planck Institute argue that modern boys Mature physically earlier than ever. They noted that the achievement of sexual maturity in General comes before 2, 5 months for each generation in 10 years.

The cause of early puberty boys, and probably and girls, is most likely the power supply. The authors also note that the achievement of early physical intimacy is purely biological and has nothing to do with technological progress and social life.

Researchers examined mortality data from five countries and found that in the period of puberty, the testosterone level reaches its limit in boys, which leads to their risky behavior, and thus increased mortality. This phenomenon is called "dangerous peak" is also common among males monkeys.

Because today puberty in boys occurs earlier, in the earlier years and have dangerous peak. Its maximum mortality reaches an advanced stage of ripening, when the boys ' changing voices and when they reach reproductive potential. Although phase reckless risk begins earlier, it is less dangerous, because at a young age parents usually quite strictly control their children.

However, over the years the gap between sexual and social maturity increases, the phase physiology and social life diverge farther for guys, and then they are ready for sex life long before you will be able to take full responsibility for its consequences.

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