Boys are more prone to spreading rumors than girls

Scientists from the University of Georgia established that boys are more prone to relational form of aggression. This indirect aggression, which is expressed in the rumors and hurtful remarks directed towards the person who insults't hear. Previously it was thought that such behaviour is characteristic exclusively girls.

The survey took part 620 school-age children. The researchers conducted an annual survey of 6 to 12 class. This approach allowed us to follow the dynamics of the psychology of children, writes The Hindustan Times.

Opinion about the hidden aggressive children - the truth. To such conclusion scientists. 96% of students at least once spread incorrect and offensive information about your classmate. 90% at least once became victims of rumors.

Interestingly, girls are more often subjected to relational aggression. Boys often became its sources. The plans for the scientists to find out the causes of the phenomenon. It is likely that more work is needed with students to improve the microclimate in groups of children.

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