Boycott doctors hospital Lazarevskoye

The twenty-fourth of may, almost all hospital staff at number one Lazarevskoye went to the protest, which was aimed to support the doctor-traumatologist, recently resigned due to treatment of the champion of Russia in break dance. It is reported by the web resource "Hello Sochi". Old Sergey wrote a letter of resignation immediately after the airing of the twenty-first of may, the notorious teleperedachi "Let them talk". In this edition of the friends of the athlete Evgenia Smirnova told about the treatment of each and accused the doctor incorrectly diagnosed, followed by amputation.

Evgeny Smirnov had an accident in Lazarevsky district at night even on the first of may. With broken legs 25-year-old athlete on the ambulance was delivered to the Department of surgery of the above hospital.

As said friends of the athlete, the doctors told them that Eugene was not gangrene. One way or another, but in the house Smirnov lay entirely in non-sterile dressings. His family has repeatedly appealed to the staff to give permission for the transfer of the patient in the Krasnodar hospital, but they refused it.

After three days, the athlete was transferred to Khosta hospital number 3. In turn, the new doctors were horrified by what they saw, because to save the leg Eugene was already impossible. After the procedure amputation friends moved athlete Krasnodar hospital. It Eugene will be discharged next week.

During the rally medical surgery, and intensive care and trauma expressed full readiness to write a collective letter of resignation. Currently in the hospital being tested by the Prosecutor's office.

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