Bowel cancer is associated with bacteria causing caries

Scientists suggest that the bacteria causing caries can be linked to an increased risk of developing colon cancer. Two independent research groups have identified the relationship between some strains of Fusobacterium and bowel cancer.

It is not clear that this relationship is direct or just an accidental discovery, but the discovery of the direct correlation it is possible to speak about prevention of tumor colon cancer antibiotic if found in the body of fusobacteria.

Although the exact cause of cancer is not known, there are many theories about what cancer is associated with chronic inflammatory processes. Any inflammatory process associated with pathogenic or opportunistic microorganisms.

The first team, headed by Dr. Robert Holt from Simon Fraser University in Canada, has identified the structure of DNA tumor of the intestine RNA plots, similar in structure to RNA fusobacteria.

The second team, which was headed by Dr. Matthew Meyerson of the cancer Institute in Boston, discovered microbial DNA sequence of the tumor is similar to fusobacteria.

Currently running research in this direction. If this work confirm the regularities of the world will get effective method of prevention of bowel cancer.

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