Botox without injections!

Don't like wrinkles, but injections of Botox are you afraid of? Scientists amounted to gel against wrinkles around the eyes, which contains the same ingredients as in Botox, and it means that soon all will be an opportunity for you to fight wrinkles without unpleasant injections.

Created in California, the product has passed through two clinical trials and have shown promising results, but with little side effects. To the gel effect, the patient or the patient should sit with gel around the eyes for about half an hour. The gel penetrates the skin and relaxes the lower muscles, as well as Allergan Botox or other cosmetic injections, such as Xeomin.

A plastic surgeon from new York, Michael Caine presented the product at the annual meeting of the American society of plastic surgeons in Denver. The gel must also be a qualitative comparison with injections and also a couple of test security before it will allow Management to control food and drug administration United States.

However, the number of people willing to get the beauty without painful injections is growing, so one of the American companies called BellaNovus has already released a line of mini-needles effect of numbness. When the injection of such needles plot prick receives a temporary anesthesia and pain is not felt. Although usually doctors use anesthetic cream such needles are much faster and deeper.

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