Botox will help to cope with stomach cancer and obesity scientists

Experts from the USA established: Botox can act not only as a remedy against wrinkles. In the early stages of the connection is able to fight with stomach cancer, and excess weight. The data were confirmed in experiments on rats.

Scientists injected the injection of the drug in the vagus nerve in rats. Botox hit the nerve tissue in the stomach. The result was to reduce food intake in animals by 20-30% over five weeks.

As it turned out, the cancer cells are sensitive to Botox. Botox injection blocks the growth of the tumor, if it is at an early stage. It is quite possible that in the near future there will be anticancer drugs with the addition of Botox.

Today, scientists plan to conduct clinical trials with the participation of volunteers. Consent for testing from the U.S. authorities have not been received.

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