Botox will be injected into the vocal device asthmatics

Medical tests in Australia concluded that breathing patients with bronchial asthma, you need to enter the Botox in the voice devices.

Botox known cosmetic medicine, with its help get rid of wrinkles and expression lines, its role in the treatment of asthma will be explained by scientists from Monash University in Melbourne.

Recent studies have shown that more than half of severe asthmatics suffer from problems with the vocal cords, which was manifested in the vocal disponee or loss of voice. Botox is used to correct all these unpleasant symptoms.

Thirty asthma people will Botox treatment, researchers believe that injections relax the muscles and relieve the sensation of dyspnea . Professor Phil Bardin believes that although Botox and will not help to cure asthma, but will greatly facilitate the lives of patients. Because asthma symptoms significantly limit life - they don't let to climb the stairs, to go for long walks and much more that is available to everyone else.

The scan showed that the voice apparatus asthmatics often experience cramps, Botox should prevent spasm and return to the voice device to a normal operation for three months.

Although Botox believes the cure for wrinkles, it was originally developed for therapeutic purposes, not cosmetic medicine.

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