Botox reduces the risk of depression

American dermatologist, the man who wrote the book "the Face of emotion" Eric Finzi confident that Botox not only eliminates wrinkles, but also helps to strengthen the marital Union, writes The Times of India. The meaning of his statements is that the toxin can not only eliminate the outward signs of anger, but also reduce depression.

Washington dermatologist advises to prescribe Botox for people suffering from depression. In his book describes the story of one patient, whose name was Jane. Initially, the order of appearance in the clinic was the decision to remove and smooth out wrinkles. She was subjected to such treatment, which led to a surprising result: her husband stopped to catch the moments when she was angry.

As told by herself Jane, such zakamuflirovanno her emotions went only for the benefit of marital relationship. As it turned out, Botox not only took the anger from her face, but also had an impact on the severity of the experiences. According to Finzi person's emotions are directly related to the facial expression on the face. If a person fails to frown, and then get angry much he can't.

Thus, the expression of a human face is not a side effect, rather active and meaningful. Sad thoughts lead to the fact that as a person begins to frown, which, in turn, leads to the fact that negative emotions are amplified. And Botox paralyzes facial muscles. The same situation arises when you smile.

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