Botox can save you from chronic migraines

Until now, Botox is used to combat the signs of aging, but today experts from new Delhi propose to use it for the treatment of chronic migraine.

Severe headaches, namely the so-chronic migraines, can torture people at least two weeks and one month. Who assesses the migraine as 19th in the list of diseases that lead to disability. Migraine headaches are three times more likely to affect women than men. Along with the headache symptoms of chronic migraines are anxiety, depression, poor sleep.

Clinical studies have shown that the introduction of Botox in certain doses at points in the neck and head give a three-month results for the relief of migraine.

The use of Botox is a relatively new method, therefore, the responses of the patients were especially important for physicians. Just Botox is injected into 29-32 points on the patient's body, the location of points and the number of Botox depends on the individual characteristics of the patient.

From side effects of such treatment can be called a slight pain in the area of the injection. But if the Botox works expert, minor side effects, bruising and tingling quickly pass.

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Although the effect of Botox lasts three months. Is such treatment is expensive, including the cost of the procedure, medications and services the cost of treatment is 25 thousand rupees.

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