Botanicals reduce the risk of death from heart attack

People in old age, consume enough plant foods, less prone to strokes and heart disease, revealed a new study. Substances called flavonoids, fight inflammation and have an antioxidant effect. The study involved approximately 100 thousand people older from the United States. It was found that people who ate the most plant foods had a lower risk of dying from stroke or heart disease in the next 7 years than those whose diet lacked flavonoids.These substances are contained in plant foods, including most fruits (berries, citrus, apples) and vegetables (cabbage, spinach, broccoli), as well as in nuts, soy, dark chocolate, tea and wine.The researchers found that flavonoids have a number of healthful properties, reducing inflammation, antioxidant effect. This means that they help to protect the cells from harmful effects that may lead to chronic diseases and cancer.Study participants were divided into 5 groups. People from the group with the highest amount of flavonoids in the diet had an 18% lower risk of dying from stroke or heart disease than people from the group with the least amount of these substances in the diet.

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