Born in the spring of the most successful

According to scientists, date of birth affects the success in the career. In addition, more chances to climb the ladder far up are those born in March.

Maurice Levi and his group of scientists who have studied the dependence of the career from the date of birth of the 375 people, the newspaper writes During 17 years (1992-2009), all of them worked as General Directors of the companies, which were among the S&P 500. It is noteworthy that in this basket stock index comprised of 500 U.S. companies, which have the greatest level of capitalization.

As it turned out, the majority of Directors were born in the spring. In June birthdays celebrated 6,13% of Directors, and in July by 5.87%. In April, born anymore - 10,67%. But the most numerous army of successful people has March. In this month appeared 12.53 per cent of people who have achieved a high career growth.

Conducted research experts say that the reason that people born in the summer, rarely become Directors, can directly be associated with the distribution of school age. Born in the spring, the students almost always learned better than those who were born in the summer, because the former were better developed.

According to Maurice levy, early success can significantly affect a person, giving him the opportunity to acquire leadership skills and knowledge. From all of this and it researchers claim that the basis for a person's career can be formed in the years of schooling. Now we can safely say that the success of the beginnings and development of the qualities of the leader, depending on the date of birth.

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