Bodily contact promotes healthy premature infants

Before it was established that the constant bodily contact, so-called "system kangaroo" can significantly improve the health of premature child. This is confirmed by research conducted by Professor Ruth Feldman. It was found that the contact with the mother at an early age influence on the mental development of the child even after ten years. These children were reduced stress indicators, and the process of training was given to them easier, says DNA India.

Scientists have compared the two approaches applied to preterm infants. A group of mothers and children was divided into two parts. The first group was constantly in contact with their child, whereas the second group of children lying in a specialized unit with incubators. Ten years of research by the health status of children was investigated seven times.

It turned out that the children from the first group showed the best results in relation to learning processes. They adequately respond to stress and were more resistant to it. It is obvious that physical contact has a positive effect on child development and strengthens its psychological relationship with his mother.

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