Blueberries will help to cope with diseases of the gums and teeth

Scientists from the University of Laval proved with inflammation of the gums and plaque will help to make blueberry. Ignoring gingivitis can lead to serious consequences, and the accumulation of plaque increases the risk of tooth decay and tooth loss. This reports Zee News.

In recent years, doctors return to the use of funds on a natural basis. In blueberries contain a lot of polyphenols. This group of compounds destroys the cells of the bacteria Fusobacterium nucleatu associated with the development of periodontitis and other diseases of the oral cavity.

Bilberry extract, the study showed, stops the growth of bacteria colonies, does not allow them to form protective biofilms. Now scientists are busy creating apparatus for receiving concentrate from berries of a bilberry as part of the development of special dental tools.

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