Blueberries and milk will help in dealing with stress

Stress has become a real problem for people living in large cities. Continuous processing and the noise, lack of rest to become integral part of life. Properly composed diet, experts say, will help alleviate stress symptoms and reduce the risk of depression, writes The Times of India.

One glass of milk in the morning and one at night will give you energy and calm the nervous system. The drink is not only due to the vitamins and the optimal composition of nutrients. On a psychological level, many parents teach children to end the day with a glass of milk or yogurt. Dairy products become a symbol of peace from childhood.

The almond contains a lot of vitamin E and B2. They strengthen the immune system and suppress meaningless activity during stress. Almonds, according to studies, help to relax and tune in the desired fashion.

Oranges and blueberries, like most other fresh fruits possess a huge stock of antioxidants and vitamin C. Aromatic compounds in them can boost your mood and reduce your stress levels.

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