Bloody beauty medical introduced the "vampire" way of rejuvenation

Many ladies dream to get rid of wrinkles, but do not want to resort to plastic surgery or injections of Botox. In this case, they come to the aid of a new cosmetic technique that uses their own blood.

A new procedure was called "vampire facelift", she smoothes out wrinkles women and refreshes the skin with injections of their own blood. From the hand of the patient takes a blood sample and run through a machine that separates the platelets. Tiny fragments of cells that form clots at the cuts and bruises that carry proteins and hormones. At high concentrations they can stimulate the skin to rejuvenate, because they are administered in injections in the face. In experiments with injection of platelets on rats, scientists have discovered a high concentration of collagen fibers in the skin and improves the skin test. The successful outcome of such procedures in the United States moved to adopt a new methodology and European doctors.

Transfusion of platelets has long been used in reconstructive surgery, but this is the first attempt to use transfusion as a cosmetic treatment. The treatment is carried out in three sessions and is worth about 400 pounds.

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