Blood pressure should be checked on both hands

To identify an increased risk of cardiovascular disease and death, doctors should check blood pressure in patients on both arms.

Researchers from the University of Exeter found that the difference of systolic blood pressure on two hands can serve as an indicator of possible heart problems.

People with high blood pressure, hypertension, are at risk of heart disease, kidney disease, stroke, and even dementia. According to the who guidelines is high blood pressure 140 90 and above. The first number indicates the systolic pressure, the maximum pressure of the heart, and the second pressure in the resting phase - diastolic.

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It turned out that the difference in 15 units when measuring pressure on both hands directly linked to an increased risk of narrowing and hardening of arteries that supply blood to the feet. If the difference is higher that the risk of death from heart problems is also increasing proportionally. This is essential to normal blood pressure was on both hands.

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