Blood it is possible to produce on an industrial scale - the results of the experiment

In the very near future it will be possible to obtain required amount of blood without attracting donors. This was stated by the BBC. The latest technology developed by scientists, will allow to synthesize red blood cells artificially. The staff of the blood service together with the scientists of Bristol University have successfully solved the problem associated with scale of production.

The previous method of obtaining red blood cells or platelets was based on the use of stem cells, which is not much. Therefore, the artificially produced blood is expensive. Scientists believe that it is more expedient to use for patients with rare groups. For example, one batch of blood needed for transfusion, contains a trillion red blood cells, whereas one stem cell can reproduce only fifty thousand red blood cells.

Now, the number of red blood cells can be significantly increased by using stem cells one of the earliest stages of their development. It turns out that these cells can be used repeatedly. In the course of this year, scientists will test their development, and check the resulting artificial blood for safety. Also will work on the launch of the new technology into mass production.

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