Blinking, as a way to switch the focus

It is proved that the person blinks more often than you want to fight the weather eye. The reason for such frequent blinking is that this process helps the brain to shift attention from one subject to another, at the same time, as if "dumping", the previous picture.

Person blinks about 20 times per minute. In order to moisten the eyes with the help of age, have a much smaller number of blinks. As scientists have calculated that 10 percent of their waking hours, people spend it on the process used. Biologists for a long time could not understand what is the reason for such careful care of the eyes.

This lasted up until the Japanese neuroscientists have not paid attention to the fact that the man blinks in between meaningful to him by events. For example, when reading the sentence, after the speech of a sentence or when changing scene in the movie, which he looks.

This fact gave rise to the Japanese scientists to think that the blinking gives the brain the opportunity to perform a "reset" of neurons that are located in the parietal part of the human brain, in the part which is responsible for the recognition of different objects.

To confirm the hypothesis of their study was conducted, during which scientists were monitoring a group of volunteers. Participants connected to the scanner, and turned to view Comedy film. Research has shown that people blinked at precisely the moment when the film appeared micropause or gave way to the stage.

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