Touching movie with a blind pregnant woman who was able to "see" their unborn son, was published on YouTube. This writes Mashable.

Blind pregnant woman saw his unborn son using a 3D printer

The company Huggies created a movie called "Meeting with Murillo". Eight days after the publication on YouTube the video has gained over three million views and attracted the attention of the world media.

30-year-old pregnant woman Tatiana Guerra lost his sight at the age of 17. The woman says that eagerly awaits the moment when he can touch his son Murillo. The expectant mother has made a surprise during one of the sessions of ultrasound at 20 week pregnancy she was given the opportunity to visualize the future son and to see his face. Then the 3D model of the child printed with the words "I am your son" in Braille.

The video is part of an advertising campaign called Huggies #CountingTheDays ("Counting the days"). The campaign aims to demonstrate that each mom deserves to experience all the important points associated with the birth of the child.

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