Blepharoplasty - eye rejuvenation

Blepharoplasty is a surgical procedure that allows you to change the shape of the eyes, to get rid of bags, folds and wrinkles around the eyes. It is recommended by specialists in the appearance of age-related changes of the face. The cost of this procedure is quite affordable, however it is important to mention getting the desired effect. It is known that blepharoplasty eye can be combined with other rejuvenating operations. Those who decided to blepharoplasty, is very important to choose a clinic and consult a surgeon with a good reputation. Do not expose yourself to risk and agree to offer promotions and discounts.

Holding such surgery usually requires a short hospitalization of the patient. For aesthetic blepharoplasty is characterized by the use of various modern techniques, which may depend on certain conditions. For example, on how many of them should be removed, excess fatty tissue and skin.

Most often is the use of classical techniques. In this case, it is supposed to use for cuts anatomical folds of the eyelids. Thus, is the removal of excess adipose tissue, and the scars that remain as a result of operation of camouflage in the natural folds and become almost invisible. Only if the lid will be in a lowered position, you can see the seam. As for the lower eyelid, there is also the use of natural anatomic formations to hide the scar.

During this period, experts recommend maximum rest. Prohibited any physical activity. After a few days will be swelling and bruising. And over time, scars will be almost invisible. Usually the stitches dissolve themselves or, when using other material, is fairly easy and painless to remove them. Within ten days after surgery, patients are allowed to return to their normal life. You should remember that choosing the right clinic and a good plastic surgeon, as well as strict observance of all necessary professional advice, helps to avoid various complications.

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