Black points on a nose - what to do?

The so-called "black spots" appear on the face, most commonly on the nose. Their appearance is a sign that the skin pores are clogged. The reason for this blockage can be due to improper skin care. Rare skin cleansing, incorrectly selected cosmetics, sloppy application and removal of makeup contributes to clogging pores. The reason may lie in the wrong, impaired nutrition, and the presence of harmful habits. Irregular meals, harmful food, alcohol, and Smoking are not conducive to health in General. They adversely affect the pores of the skin. Another common cause is a change in the hormones of the body. The deterioration of the skin may occur during periods of puberty, women have during pregnancy.

When blackheads should immediately take steps to healthier skin, because clogged by fat and dirt pores can turn into boils and other serious defects.

To defeat the black points on a nose it is important to properly care for the skin. The first measure on the way to get rid of blackheads - the correct skin care. Timely gentle cleansing and using the right type of skin cosmetics will gradually cleanse the face. Soft scrubs will exfoliate the dead skin particles and prevent the problem of black spots in the future. Scrubs is better to pick up small particles that do not injure the skin. We should not use them often, this will only accelerate the regeneration and excretion of sebum.

Daily care by such means as the lotion and the cream will help only if the proper cleansing of the skin from make-up. It is best to abandon the heavy, basic makeup for at least the first time.

It is also important to review your own routine and diet. Excluding all "harm" can significantly improve the appearance of skin in General, and to avoid the appearance of black dots. It is important to stop Smoking, at least indoors. The main secret to healthier skin lies in the combination of all available methods of struggle with black dots.

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If blockages are very many and they are threatening deterioration of the health of the skin, should consult a doctor. It will help in choosing the right treatment, establishing the cause of the problem. Treatment may include mechanical cleansing of the skin from obstructions, and the use of special cosmetics.

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