Black acanthosis in humans - symptoms and treatment

Black acanthosis is popularno-pigmentary pathological process of the skin, which is extremely rare; characterized by hyperkeratosis, papillomatosis, and hyperpigmentation.

Basically pigmentation occurs in skin folds or creases and symmetrically distributed mainly in the armpit. Also in pegagogical or inguinal-femoral region, the perineum, in the knee or elbow. Sometimes in the umbilicus or the neck, it is very rarely on the hands, face, buttocks or under the hair.

There are 2 types of black acanthosis: in adolescence occurs benign (Evelina) and soon she regresses. And in adulthood occurs only malignant, which in most cases approximately 80 %.

Black acanthosis combined with cancer of the internal organs of the abdominal cavity, cancer of other organs is less common (e.g., lung, breast and other organs). A benign form of acanthosis differs from malignant small pigmentation and human expansion is less pronounced. There were cases, when black acanthosis was sick the whole family and passed to future generations. The pigmentation of the skin may be the first sign to the appearance of tumors, or to appear with a tumor or to be the first symptom is already developing. Sometimes affected the whole human skin. In addition to the affected skin and mucous membranes of the organs: renal pelvis, colon, esophageal wall. As well as the rectum, vagina, eyes, larynx, pharynx, oral cavity. The color of the affected areas varies from dark-brown to black and has a smooth transition to healthy skin color. Also appear warty or papillomatosis expansion of black color and small soft fibroma. And on mucous plots there are warty and papillomatosis expansion is mainly light gray, without any pigmentation. To diagnose black acanthosis easy, but should it be confused with pseudocandona, which sometimes occurs in full brunettes.

Most often for the treatment of benign black acanthosis prescribe vitamin a, concentrated to 10 drops 3 times a day, 0.25 g of ascorbic acid 3 times a day, with 0.5 % salicylic ointment to apply on the pigmented areas of the skin. Cases of acanthosis, must pass comprehensive cancer examination and some time should be seen in clinic. With a variety of endocrine diseases and hormonal therapy. But the treatment of malignant black acanthosis very difficult and ineffective, because the tumor is fast metastases.

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