Bite correction: better late than never

Previously it was thought that the correct bite is solely the prerogative of the students, but now many people, including celebrities, are lining up for a beautiful smile. And rightly so, because aesthetic dentistry in recent years has made a sudden jump up, and instead of the ugly braces old model, you can find a more elegant and unobtrusive ways. Let's take a closer look how to bite.


Braces and to this day remain the most common method of correcting the bite. They represent a non-removable device that consists of a set of brackets and locks that attach to the surfaces of the teeth with a special adhesive and connected to each other by arc.

The oldest type of braces - metal. But for people who are actively leading social life, there is a wide choice of external and internal options. External if desired, may be made of transparent materials (plastic, sapphire, ceramics), and the interior is not visible at all due to their position.


When orthodontic appliances are not doing their task, comes to the aid of surgery. The doctor during the surgery corrects the position of the lower and the upper jaw extends the sky and makes the plastic surgery of the chin.


The most unobtrusive method of alignment is to install a removable silicone trays. But the main disadvantage of this method is that it is suitable only for simple cases.

In addition to Invisalign, aesthetic dentistry also apply orthodontic braces and trainers. The first aims to normalize the growth of the jaw bones and muscles, and get rid of many bad habits. The latter does not compete with the already constituted a defect and eliminate the causes of deviations. Orthodontic braces and trainers at the moment are the best method to repair the child's bite.

How much?

The price depends on many factors: the method of correction, the complexity of the case, the skill level of the doctor, and so on, The batter affordable way will be the use of aligners (Invisalign), and internal braces slightly cheaper. Ceramic and sapphire settled in third place. And perhaps the most accessible way are metal braces.

Of course, an adult man to decide on the correction of bite much harder than a teenager, but still not worth it to postpone the trip to a specialist. The joy of successful treatment will definitely overshadow the discomfort, obtained in the process of bite!

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