Birth weight as an indicator of physical health 60

Low birth weight and slow weight gain in adolescence may be a sign of severe physical state in 60 years, these are the conclusions of the Finnish scientists from the University of jyväskylä.

Most at risk are those who at birth had insufficient mass, and at the age of 11 high body mass index.

Children with low weight are born in the results of the starvation of the fetus, which does not give the organs to fully develop, the brain decides to send all power to the development of organs, and muscle tissue is formed by a residual principle. The study analyzed health 60 year old men, pigiausia in Helsinki, whose weight at birth and during childhood has been verified by medical documentation.

The research of Dr. Michael von Bonsdorf showed that adverse fetal development effects on weight control in adolescents and physical health at age 60.

Such a long-lasting negative impact of insufficient development of the fetus can not be a problem, because it is quite often seen in third world countries and in the West.

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