Birth control pills affect memory

Receiving oral contraceptives women remember events differently than other women. Research scientists from the USA showed that contraceptive use 3.5 million British women, i.e. a quarter of the total population aged 16 to 49 years. And worldwide more than 100 million women drink tablets against unwanted pregnancy. Women in this group tend to remember rather the emotional impact of the event, but not its details.

The study authors also suggested that the receiving contraceptive women more like men and gentle boys, not men-males due to the reduced fertility.

Women taking and not taking oral contraceptives, offered to recall what happened a month ago in an accident with boys seriously injured legs. Using tablets women are less clearly remembered the main stages of the accident and its causes, not taking pills participants remembered more details of the tragedy - machine, fire hydrant and other stuff.

Scientists, neuroscientists believe that contraceptive use women to change the event in an emotional way, but I don't remember the details, that is radically changing the working memory. Contraceptives suppress female sex hormones, which in turn are associated with the left hemisphere of the woman responsible for memory. New discovery may change the attitude towards contraceptive pills in the world and to give an answer to why women experience emotional stress more often than men - they just can't forget the emotional impact from the event!

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