Bird flu will help in the fight against cancer

Recent American scientists study found that avian influenza can help in the treatment of prostate cancer in men. Experts from the University of Virginia revealed the ability hemodilutional virus Newcastle disease, which is fatal to birds, but is safe for humans, destroy cancer cells, affecting the prostate gland.

Currently, scientists are looking for funding that would allow them to license this method of cancer treatment. By the way, I must say that this method has not yet passed clinical trials in humans. Meanwhile, Newcastle disease is a relatively common disease among the birds, which mostly affects females. For people, this virus is not dangerous because it can cause only a small conjunctivitis and mild symptoms of the flu.

For the first time the ability to destroy cancer cells, this virus was discovered in the fifties of the last century. Then the problem was that to test this technique on patients it was necessary to introduce large doses of drugs in the human body, in order to achieve any results. Today, due to the recombinant virus with oncological diseases can be controlled with the use of smaller doses.

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