Bioresonance diagnosis of the organism

The possibilities of modern medicine grow with each passing year. Have become very popular to use methods that allow you to quickly and painlessly, without putting a huge number of tests and visits to a number of offices to carry out diagnostics of the organism.

One of the widely used methods for detecting abnormalities in the systems and organs of the human body is a bio-resonance diagnostics. The uniqueness of diagnostics is the ability to analyze variations of electromagnetic waves in the brain. Stem brain structures allow to obtain all necessary and sufficient information about the functioning of the body. The method of bioresonant diagnostics based on the resonance effects of radiation that occur in each body and that it is possible to accurately assess the condition of the body. In assessing the level of radiation, it is possible to accurately determine the cause of the disease and to make a preliminary forecast for the nearest health.

The advantages of computer bioresonance diagnostics:

- no biochemical blood analysis;

- an opportunity to make a full assessment of immunity;

- the opportunity to study chromosome set;

- the opportunity to get a holistic comprehensive picture about the human condition;

- the method is absolutely safe; - diagnostics allows you to save money and time.

Non-contact method for the diagnosis of the organism with the help of computer technology is quite safe and in medical practice, is almost unparalleled. This method is absolutely free to use all pregnant women and lactating mothers with children. For the vast majority of patients undergo this diagnosis is not difficult - there is no need to prepare or to pass all the tests. Although in some cases still have to pass additional tests.

Many medical facilities offer to bioresonance diagnostics, such as diagnostic medical center, the Healer performs such a procedure. The characteristic difference of this method from ultrasound, FGS or x-ray is the ability to detect the disease at an early stage. Bioresonance diagnostics of organs helps to identify:

• Explicit and hidden pathologies.

• Different weights.

• Hidden diseases that have no obvious symptoms.

• Viral infections in the organs (worm infestations, fungi, bacteria, protozoa).

After a full bioresonance diagnostics people receives at the hands of a graphic image, where color is visible all the important organs and on deviations from the norm. In addition the diagnosed person receives recommendations found on diagnoses of diseases and proper treatment methods.

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