Biological Supplement with melatonin improve sleep quality

Pills with melatonin is an excellent way to improve sleep quality. Melatonin refers to homonym produced in the human body in the dark. Synthetic melatonin increases drowsiness and helps with insomnia, writes Zee News.

Sometimes we have to sleep in conditions close to extreme. Biological supplementation with melatonin is more effective earplug and masks for sleep, say experts from the Capital Medical University in Beijing.

Scientists suggest the use of melatonin as a means to improve sleep clinic clients with high load. In the same room is usually a few people, which complicates the process of relaxation necessary for a sick person.

During the research it was found: pills with melatonin (one milligram) help you sleep better than earplugs with a sleep mask. Efficiency higher than that when taking placebo, it talks about the synthetic activity of melatonin in the human body.

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