Biological clock to determine the time of death - scientists

Many things in the human body depend on genes. Biological rhythms are no exception. Scientists have found that "internal clock" largely determine the time of death of the person.

Mitchell, Maffi, head start AsapScience revealed differences in styles of life "owls" and "larks". It turned out biorhythms impact health, reduce or increase the life expectancy.

Initially people are born with whipped biorhythms. The setting is done by a gene PER1. Its variation determines whether he "lark", "dove", or "owl".

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It is known that the peak of the "lark" falls in the early morning, "doves" on the afternoon of the owls on the night. The researchers compared the obtained data with the activity of genes and time of death. Was, "larks" die more often at 11am, and "owls" - 6 PM.

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