Biological clock men go as fast as women

According to the study, not some women care quickly ticking biological clock, in men the chance to be a father fall each year upon reaching middle age.

Examination of patients in the clinic infertility scientists from the Centre for reproductive medicine Huntington showed that the chance to have a child falls to 7 percent per year from 41 to 41 years for men. Among older men the chance to have my own child even lower. Over time, the quality of sperm is significantly reduced.

Still, it was assumed that women in their forties have a very low chance to have a baby, because stocks of eggs come to an end, but experts have discovered that for men to think about posterity after forty may be too late.

Over biological clock men more gentle than women, but after 45 they, too, need to think about having children. At the age of 41 years of husband women 60 percent chance of getting pregnant, and when her husband turns 45 chances drop to 35.

In addition deteriorates and morphology of spermatozoa, the older the man, the more likely the chance of miscarriage of the fetus.

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