Bioingenieria will invent spinal disc implants

Soon many suffering from back pain and neck people will bring relief biological spinal implants, promises a Professor of biomedical engineering and mechanical engineering at Cornell medical College Lourens Bonusar. His team is working to create a bio-engineered intervertebral discs that have already been successfully implanted and tested on animals.

Developed by scientists disks have the same structural components, and that these disks, they are proven to work. Scientists hope that further development will help to replace diseased or damaged disc implants.

The good news is that unlike aging over time, artificial implants, designed disks growth of the organism and cell growth only work better. They retain up to 80 percent of the original height of the disk.

Osteochondrosis is one of the major causes of disability in the world, can be cured in a short time. From a biological point of view, the implants can even be advantageous compared to traditional implants, as they grow and change with the vertebrae. Once you have developed less invasive ways of introducing implants, they will be released for mass treatment.

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