Billions of dollars spend on medical treatment abroad

Russian residents each year annually spend about one billion U.S. currency for treatment outside the Russian Federation. This was reported by Andrei Lomakin, who holds the position of Vice President of the network of private clinics, "meds". This conclusion he shared during his presentation at the International conference "Medicine-2012", as reported by RIA Novosti.

According to Lomakina, annually for treatment in clinics abroad went about seventy thousand Russians. As he notes, the main reason for this trip is only the lack of opportunity in receiving similar treatment in Russia.

The representative of the Medsi also added that private Russian medicine is one of the most growing industries in our state. This is evidenced by the fact that last year the total volume of the market of private health care has increased significantly compared to previous years and amounted to about five hundred and thirty five billion rubles, and this exceeds planned by the Federal government the cost of upgrading all health.

In addition, Lomakin thinks that Russia will be good to develop a private hospital care, because at the moment the majority of commercial clinics provides only outpatient services.

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The new law, which provides for mandatory medical insurance, allow private clinics to work productively in the MHI. Lomakin also noted that the current tariffs do not even cover half the cost of proper treatment.

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